CESTRON is among the leading European integrators for HF communication systems for government and military. These systems are widely used for ship shore communication and use the classical HF band (1.5 -30 MHz).

We are able to provide the following system components:

  • Baseband equipment like audio matrices, routers, cryptos, etc.
  • HF modems in accordance with various STANAGs
  • HF transmitters and receivers with various power levels up to 10kW
  • HF antennas (broadband dipoles, logper antennas, cage antennas, etc.)
  • All related accessories


We are proud of being the first company to provide a STANAG 4444 compliant frequency hopping system in split side operation at high power for an undisclosed customer in the near future.

We are constantly working on new antenna designs to improve the overall systems performance.




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