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CESTRON announces acquisition of strategic assets from Ampegon and AM Broadcast


Berlin, 14 August 2019


The company CESTRON International GmbH announces takeover of strategic assets from the shareholders of the following companies:


  • Ampegon Antenna Systems based in Ludwigshafen (former Thomson Broadcast) and
  • AM Broadcast GmbH (former Transradio and Telefunken SenderSysteme AG) based in Berlin.


The acquisition is an asset deal and allows CESTRON to strengthen its worldwide market leadership in broadcast transmission and antenna systems. In co-operation with its new founded partner company ELSYSCOM, CESTRON provides spare parts and services to support products, systems and installations of Ampegon Antenna Systems and AM Broadcast.


CESTRON is an independent and leading system integrator providing turnkey radio solutions and systems. Today CESTRON is one of a few companies worldwide that plans and builds turnkey transmission and antenna systems in the ranges of high frequency (HF), medium frequency (MF), low frequency (LF) and very low frequency (VLF).


ELSYSCOM manufactures, designs, installs and commissions modern AM, VHF/FM and DRM transmitter systems as well as customized solutions for radio and data broadcasting systems.


For further information, please contact:


At CESTRON International GmbH:                                At ELSYSCOM GmbH:

Milan Popovic, Sales and Project Director                Michael Wittling, Technical Director

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