To every question there is an answer. To every challenge there is a solution.
This is what drives CESTRON to constantly reach for the next level towards sustainable RF systems. Because making a real difference for our customers and our common future is what CESTRON is all about.








Our Company Mission

  • To be a world leading manufacturer independent systems integrator for infrastructure facilities and solutions in the fields of broadcasting, radio communications, and related fields.
  • To design, manufacture, implement and commission antenna systems in the frequency range VLF/LF/MW/HF/VHF/UHF.
  • To supply complex turnkey systems with excellent performance in order to build up long-term customer relationships.


Fields of Activities

  • Broadcasting RF Systems (antennas and electronics) for LF/MW/SW/DAB and digital television
  • Radio Communication Systems (HF 1.5-30 MHz) for Government Organizations
  • VLF Systems for Submarine Communication (antennas, tuning units, electronics)
  • LF Systems for Ship Communication
  • LF/MW/SW Broadcasting Antenna Systems
  • HF Communication Antenna Systems including related Electronics
  • HF Jamming Antenna Systems
  • Self-Supporting Towers and Guyed Steel Masts for Supporting Antenna Systems
  • Microwave Systems (Point-to-Point Links with all Infrastructure)
  • Services for Infrastructure Systems (Civil Works for Antenna Foundations, Buildings, Equipment Containers, Diesel Generator Systems, etc.)



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