Rotatable Shortwave Antenna has been completed by CESTRON International


After final mechanical and electrical adjustments have been completed by CESTRON International GmbH (Germany) supported by WBCQ (USA) staff members by end of 2022, the entire rotatable short wave antenna system now achieved full operational capabilities. The said system

was the first rotatable shortwave high-power array antenna on the North American continent and designed for the transmission of shortwave signals of up to 500 kW.

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VDE/ITG Workshop about "Modern Radio Communication Methods in Public Transportation"


The Information Technology Society in the VDE (German Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies) invited to a public workshop on the topic ""Modern Radio Communication Methods in Public Transportation".

The workshop has been chaired by Prof. Dr. Uwe-Carsten Fiebig (German Aerospace Center DLR) and Milan Popović (Cestron International GmbH) and took place in Berlin directly before the world's largest rail exhibition "Innotrans 2022".


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To every question there is an answer. To every challenge there is a solution.
This is what drives CESTRON to constantly reach for the next level towards sustainable RF systems. Because making a real difference for our customers and our common future is what CESTRON is all about.



Our Company Mission

  • To be a world leading manufacturer independent systems integrator for infrastructure facilities and solutions in the fields of broadcasting, radio communications, and related fields.
  • To design, manufacture, implement and commission antenna systems in the frequency range VLF/LF/MW/HF/VHF/UHF.
  • To supply complex turnkey systems with excellent performance in order to build up long-term customer relationships.


Fields of Activities

  • Broadcasting RF Systems (antennas and electronics) for LF/MW/SW/DAB and digital television
  • Radio Communication Systems (HF 1.5-30 MHz) for Government Organizations
  • VLF Systems for Submarine Communication (antennas, tuning units, electronics)
  • LF Systems for Ship Communication
  • LF/MW/SW Broadcasting Antenna Systems
  • HF Communication Antenna Systems including related Electronics
  • HF Jamming Antenna Systems
  • Self-Supporting Towers and Guyed Steel Masts for Supporting Antenna Systems
  • Microwave Systems (Point-to-Point Links with all Infrastructure)
  • Services for Infrastructure Systems (Civil Works for Antenna Foundations, Buildings, Equipment Containers, Diesel Generator Systems, etc.)



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